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is a short sci-fi web-comic that glances at the life of CMAM Enterprises, a prestigious business and maker of hand-tailored customised assassin androids. Their ingenuity, originality and genius is marred only by their engineer who, after a bout of reading David Hume, decides to take on the world of AI morality and change it for the better.
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March 2015: Webcomic Updating!

So you've stumbled upon The Englishman's Philosophy. What is it? An online web-comic that will be updated hopefully fairly regularly. What is it not? Long. It took me 5 years at least to finish my last comic, I will not be making the same mistake again. TEP is a short story that may well be half way through at 10 pages long. Once it is finished there will more stories in the same universe to come. TEP is a hand-drawn comic, sketched in pencil and then inked with black pen, with text added digitally post scan. The script has been finished, as has the preliminary story boarding. There are a number of pages in production currently

This comic updated on my old site previously and on my DeviantArt site. Most recent updates will appear here before being added to my DevArt site.

This comic is intended as a short story installment in a collection of stories roughly strung together under the title 'A Machine and Its Girl'. You can find links to other stories in the series at the main site: The Englishman's Philosophy is a stand-alone story, but can be read as part of a bigger story should you wish to. This is a perfectly good place to start, though you may like to look at the two page mini-comic Like Sirens on Beaches if you are interested in the wider universe in which the events of this comic take place.

There are currently 14 pages of TEP up online, which admittedly leave one hanging on something of a cliffhanger. The next page will hopefully be up in the next couple of weeks.

-- ECJ Brown (online alias: Flane)

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The Englishman's Philosophy is an online comic created by ECJ Brown